RISQ’s evidence based approach ensures investigations are robust, independent and impartial, and are able to stand the test of scrutiny by any subsequent employment or judicial inquiry. The key components of our investigative process ensure an effective course is taken to provide you with all of the information.

Our Investigation Process

  • Private or corporate investigator provides an initial assessment
  • The investigator will interview witnesses who may have knowledge to assist the investigation
  • Collect, collate and analyse evidence
  • Establish the quantum of loss and liaise with internal / external counsel
  • Liaise with law enforcement and regulatory bodies / insurers
  • Provide brief of evidence to be used in legal proceedings
  • Identify cause of loss and recommend solutions to prevent recurrence

At the conclusion of each investigation our team will provide a comprehensive report detailing the investigation and the evidence obtained for whatever outcome is best suited to your particular needs. The report can assist with:

  • Employment issues
  • Loss recovery
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Improvement of internal policy / processes