Most of us have been faced with a situation involving other people that we found at the very least unsettling and in the extreme frightening. Whilst these situations are rare they can have a profound impact on us, both positive and negative. This may include withdrawing or calling for other assistance if required. Your role has the potential to place you in these types of situations. It is important we acknowledge this without creating undue fear and even more important that we feel confident we can manage these situations if and when they arise.


The purpose of the TRIUMPHâ„¢ programme is to provide you with the confidence and competence, to manage personal safety and conflict incidents in a way that optimises your own safety and that of others around you.


In this module participants will:

  • Learn how to deal with thieves safely, effectively and legally
  • Learn about the concept of TRIUMPH in order to manage conflict situations
  • Identify stress responses and learn strategies to deal with it
  • Learn conflict management in a retail environment and how to 'play your ACES'
  • Understand resilience – how to build it and maintain it
  • Demonstrate safe space and understand and apply the 'safety APP'.

RISQ have trained for a range of companies and government agencies across New Zealand.

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