Introduction Security Risk Management

8 Hours

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the confidence and competence to deliver general security solutions based on sound risk management principles.

This program is designed for people new to the security industry, including those in sales, and technical roles or who have in-house responsibility for managing security services but have limited experience.

We coach best practice security controls, including identifying existing and potential risks, understanding client vulnerability and the implementation of effective security controls for those different situations.

The people who complete this course are able to:

  • Identify security risks in workplaces
  • Determine actual and potential threats
  • Understand vulnerabilities in given scenarios
  • Develop strong security control frameworks
  • Implement security controls in workplaces

This program consists of pre-course reading, a full 8-hour immersive workshop and follow-up assignments and assessments.

All resources are provided including pre-course reading, workbook and reference material.